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Post  Akkrann on Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:14 am

Kid rank is for characters under level 80. Kool kids are the leader's characters under level 80.

Trials are new level 80 members. They must be in 3 guild raids to get promotion to Raider rank. Raider rank have loot priority over Trial rank, so trials cannot loot something that a raider ranked member needs. Trials start with 0 dkp, and are using dkp for looting just like the others.

Raiders are level 80 members, and can use bank tab 2.

Leaders are level 80 too, they are the most trusted members, who are helping in leading the guild. They can use bank tab 3, and they can lead raids, and create guild events in calendar.

Every ranks can use Bank tab 1.

you can have your alts in the guild too, alt characters have their main's name in () in the notefield.

Your DKP cannot get under zero.

You can get 1 dkp by getting invited to a raid, you get 1 dkp/hour during raids, and 1 dkp/bosskills.

We are looting with a bidding dkp system.

To bid, you must type in /raid: !bid 1 or the value you wanna bid with.

You can bid any times.

Your maximum bid is your maximum DKP.

You can get a list of everyone's dkp with /w akkrann !list or only yours with /w akkrann !dkp or you can check the guild forum.

You can use your dkp points for loots after the bidding has started.

If you have 1-50 dkp (called tier 0), then your minimum bid is 1. For 51-100 dkp (called tier 1), the minimum bid is 10. If you have 101-150 Dkp (called tier 2) then your minimum bid is 20, etc...

If you are bidding for off-gear, your minimum bid is always 1, so you dont have to waste your dkp that you gather for main gear items.

Bidding has no time limit, it goes on until we have a definate winner, or if no one bids during my countdown. Only the winner loses dkp (equal to his/her bid ofc), other bidders won't lose any dkp.

If more people bids with same DKP, then the highest DKP decides. If they have same DKP too, they roll.

We use DKP for guild raids or with raids with few pugs, who accept that they can get loot with only 80+rolls. If they roll less, we use dkp.

We Don't use DKP for weak raid instances like Naxxramas 10 man. The raid leader decides if we use dkp or not in a raid.

DKP points are for the account, not for the character, so you alts are all using the same dkp points.

About looting:

We loot with main specc loot priority. Everyone's main specc is noted in their notefield's first character. M stands for Melee DPS, R is Ranged DPS, T is Tank, and H is Healer. Offspecc are noted in the second character, so a notefield with RH means that that member is Ranged DPS as main specc and Healer as Offspecc. You can get loots for your offspecc only if no one else needs that loot for his/her main specc.

If your notefield says that your main specc is (for example) healer, and you are playing as a (for example) dps in a raid, then your main specc will stay healer and you can get heal gears with main specc priority, dps will not become your main specc for that raid. You can whisper me or the raid leader any time to change your main specc. You cannot change your main specc during looting ofc.

If you slow down raiding, then you may get dkp penalty (up to -20%) for things like:
Late from raid; Not going into instance; Gear is not enchanted/gemmed properly; You have no Well Fed Food, or Flask (needed only on hard raids); You are leaving before raid end (it is usually 23:00); AFK at ready check; Going suddenly Offline for long time; Spamming during looting (like dps meter); Not playing by the tactics; If you dont know the tactics; Not answering to raid leader; Skipping corpserunning; Corpserunning if we are ressing already; You are doing much less DPS/Healing/Threat than your gear allows; Not helping summoning; If you have not repaired your gear before raid; Not bringing enough reagents for yourself (Ankh, Candle, Shard etc...); Anything else that may slow down the raiding.

The notefield contains the professions after the main/offspecc notes. Professions are sepereated by a ; in the notes.


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