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Post  Lothus87 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:15 am

- What is your character's name?

- Why do you want to join us?
-I have talk whit Vul and now i will try for apply there^^

- What were your previous guilds, why did you left them?
- Drakes of the dead sun (arathor server): italian guild.... nothing more then a party noobs
- The Fallens Lords (arathor server): Done all end gaming istance(except naxx) before TBC --->/Guild disband
- Blades of glory (arathor server): done only naxx 10/25 --->/GUild disband

- What class/lvl/race/specc/offspecc are you?
-Paladin/80/Blood Elf/Protection/Holy

- What quality is your main and offgear (quest, heroic, obis/voa/naxx 10/25, uld 10/25)?
-Heroic/VoA/Emblems and 1 item from Ulduar 25

- How old are you, where are you from?
-22 from Italy

- If you have any, who are your friends in he guild?
- just noone^^

- Have you read and understood the DKP system, also do you aggree with it?
- Ofc I have used DKP system for 3 years^^

- Which days of the week can you raid from 18:00 to 23:00 ?
- Evrey day except weekend

- What other alts do you have (those that you play with)?
- i dont have any alt^^

- What raid instances/bosses you cleared before?
- Molten Core/BWL/NAXX/GL/ML/SSC/TK/BT/MJ(4 boss)/Naxx10/25/Voa10/25/OS10/25/EOE10

that's my armory link


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Applycation Empty Re: Applycation

Post  Vul on Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:39 pm

Seems mature and competent to me. I can foresee him being a valued asset to the guild. We have had many conversations, and would encourage my fellow officers to concur with my judgment.

Lothus, I hope you are as good to fight alongside as you are to talk with.

Regards V


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