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Post  Akkrann on Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:44 am

The History

The core members of the guild are playing together since 1-2 years or so. Some of us started in 'Betrayed by Blood' guild which was disbanded long ago, becouse one of its members created 'Death Angels', stealing a lot of ppl from Betrayed by Blood.

Death Angels started raiding Kara with small successes, then the guild leader left the server, and i got the guild leader rank together with L├ęthe. We managed to rise the guild up a bit, achieving to fully raid Kara with 1, 2 or sometimes 3 raid groups per week, we were also farming Magtheridon's lair and Gruul's lair, sometimes we could kill Lurker in SSC and started to farm Void Reaver for T5 shoulders in TK. Also we were raiding Zul'Aman, getting max 3 chests, and killed Hexx lord once, then expansion came close and we stopped raiding.

Old guild leader came back to this server again, and meanwhile i let a very friendly and impulsive member to invite a lot of new members. The guild was dying from all those new random guys, when we planned to create a new guild with the core members only to raid 10 mans in wotlk. That impulsive member and the old guild leader suddenly got angry and left together with the dozens of random new members. Death Angels was disbanded and we created Rare Exports together with the important members. All the others created Archangels and a new Death Angels guild. Archangels are still on, Death Angels disbanded again.

As some raid-able guys leveled to 80, we started our raiding again. Farmed all 10 man raids, Obsidian Sanctum 10 and 25 man with 1 drake up and of corse Archavon 10/25. We farmed Naxxramas 25 a lot, killed Kel-t 3 times, but we usually needed pugs too. We never could gather enough guildies for Malygos 25 yet, but we started Ulduar 10, and still farming Naxxramas 10/25 to gear up more members for Ulduar. At first week, we killed three bosses and got some tries on 2 other.

Me n' da big bruddas be gettin' enoomoos history 'ere mon, be part of da saga.... mon!

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